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our mission

At Corinthian Asset Management, our purpose is to embark on a noble quest, driven by our unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Corinthian Asset Management is about a Real estate investment and asset management firm based in Humble, Texas focused primarily on multi-family real estate.

Since acquiring our first apartment community in 2016, we have worked diligently every day to provide reliable and consistent returns to our investor partners. Currently, we are expanding our portfolio of apartment communities opportunistically.

Our investor partners are a critical component of the Corinthian Asset Management team. We are extremely grateful and honored that our partners have placed their trust in us. We do not treat this responsibility lightly. Thank you!

At Corinthian Asset Management, we weave together financial acumen, community spirit, and resident well-being to construct multi-family havens in Humble, Texas.

We cultivate a culture of trust, transparency, and ethical responsibility, fostering a positive impact on all stakeholders: investors, residents, and the communities we serve. 

Furthermore, through strategic investments, operational excellence, and resident-centric initiatives, we strive to generate reliable returns for our partners while nurturing homes that foster connection, growth, and belonging.


We envision a future where Corinthian Asset Management is synonymous with:

Thriving Multi-Family Communities:

 We see vibrant residential spaces infused with a sense of community. Laughter echoes in shared areas, neighbors support each other’s endeavors, and residents feel a sense of belonging beyond their physical space.

Empowered Residents:

We envision individuals thriving within our communities. Residents have access to resources and opportunities for personal and professional growth, allowing them to build fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to their surroundings.

Sustainable Harmony:

We envision a future where our success is intertwined with the well-being of our environment. We embrace sustainable practices to lessen our ecological footprint and ensure the communities we build remain vibrant for generations to come.

Investor Confidence:

We aspire to be the trusted partner for those seeking reliable returns from the multi-family sector. Our transparent approach, data-driven decisions, and commitment to operational excellence ensure investors confidently entrust their capital to our stewardship.

Humble's Beacon of Progress:

We envision being a cornerstone of positive change in Humble. Through responsible investment, community engagement, and resident empowerment. We aim to become a catalyst for growth and positive social change within the neighborhoods we serve.

Our Values

Our mission and vision are woven with the threads of our core values:

Together, we weave a future where homes and hearts connect, creating a vibrant tapestry of success for residents, investors, and the Humble community.

Trust and Transparency:

 We believe in open communication and ethical conduct, building trust with every interaction.


We prioritize the well-being and happiness of our residents, creating communities that nurture and empower them.

Operational Excellence:

We strive for efficiency and continuous improvement, maximizing value for all stakeholders.

Sustainable Practices:

 We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and building a greener future.

Community Impact:

 We believe in fostering positive change within the neighborhoods we serve.

Our Team

The esteemed group of professionals at Corinthian Asset Management, who are dedicated to excellence and expertise, form our exceptional team.

Chris Peavey's Biographic Photography, CEO and Managing Director of Corinthian Asset Management on their "About Us" Page

CEO and Managing Director

Chris Peavey

As the CEO and Managing Director of Corinthian Asset Management, Chris Peavey is a visionary leader with a proven track record of steering organizations to new heights. With a wealth of experience in strategic management, he brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Chris is renowned for his dynamic approach, driving innovation and growth by implementing cutting-edge strategies. His adept project management skills and knack for fostering robust relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders have consistently translated into increased profitability and client satisfaction.

Biographic Photographic Profile Picture of Corinthian Asset Management Director of Operations named J. P. Campbell

Director of Operations

J. P. Campbell

Director of Operations brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Corinthian Asset Management thanks to his considerable experience across a diverse range of disciplines and industries. He has a proven track record of driving growth and profitability by implementing innovative strategies, managing complex projects, and building strong relationships with customers. His ability to lead cross-functional teams and align business goals with operational objectives has resulted in increased productivity, improved efficiencies, and enhanced client satisfaction.