Houston Multifamily Market Thrives in 2023, Poised for Further Growth

Houston Multifamily Market Thrives In 2023, Poised for Further Growth by Corinthian Asset Management
Houston Multifamily Market Thrives In 2023

Resilient Market Absorbs New Units, Rents Rise Despite Investment Headwinds

The Houston multifamily market emerged as a story of resilience and promising progress in 2023.

Demand Outpaces Supply:

A remarkable 135% surge in absorption year-over-year underscores the city’s strong demand for apartments. This impressive figure effectively balanced the influx of new units entering the market, demonstrating a healthy ecosystem where demand readily fills existing and upcoming supply.

Occupancy Holds Steady, Rents See Upward Trend:

Despite a slight increase in vacancy rates, overall occupancy levels remained stable, further highlighting the market’s strength. Additionally, rents experienced a modest year-over-year rise, indicating a positive trend for the multifamily sector and investor confidence.

Investment Climate Navigates Headwinds:

While the market thrived in terms of occupancy and rent growth, the investment landscape faced challenges. Increased capital costs and insurance rates created hurdles for new entrants. However, a potential decline in interest rates and Texas’ robust population growth offer promising signs for a future rebound. These factors could entice new investors and fuel further market expansion.

Investment Climate Navigates Headwinds by Corinthian Asset Management

Stay Informed, Make Smart Decisions:

Navigating the intricate landscape of the Houston multifamily market requires access to reliable and comprehensive data. Colliers’ insightful Q4 2023 report delivers precisely that, providing in-depth analysis of market trends, absorption rates, occupancy levels, and rental growth. This valuable resource empowers investors, developers, and industry professionals to make informed decisions based on a thorough understanding of the market dynamics.


Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a new entrant, Colliers’ report equips you with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the Houston multifamily market successfully. With a resilient core, promising growth potential, and valuable data resources available, the Houston market stands poised for a robust future.

Leveraging the positive trends in Houston’s multifamily market, Corinthian Asset Management can strategically position itself for further growth in 2024. The company’s proven track record in property management should be capitalized on, attracting residents with exceptional service and fostering high occupancy rates. To capitalize on rising rents, Corinthian can implement data-driven pricing strategies and offer value-added amenities that resonate with the evolving tenant preferences. Embracing the potential rebound in investment activity, Corinthian can explore partnerships or expand its portfolio through strategic acquisitions in high-demand submarkets. By staying informed through resources like Colliers’ report and adapting to market shifts, Corinthian can solidify its position as a thriving player in Houston’s promising multifamily landscape.